10 Amazing Businesses to Start with Your Tax Refund

Paying your business taxes? Not too sure you get refunds on that - just profits, hopefully.

Thinking of putting your tax refund to good use before you blow it up all on booze? The safest way is to invest it. Here are 10 amazing businesses you can start with the extra cash:

1Hair and Beauty Salons

Beauty supply stores and hairdressers offer a number of products and services people can’t seem to get enough of. After all, how long can a person avoid going to a stylist to have their hair trimmed? Beauty salons and spas are places people are willing to spend more money than they have.

2Child Daycare

Daycare centers have been on a rise. Use the opportunity to start up your own child daycare center, which you can do from the comfort of your home, if you have the space.

3Auto Repair

Nearly everybody has to get their car repaired every once in a while. Auto body shops provide a range of required services for those who own vehicles. Invest your tax refund in an auto repair business.

4Online Courses

Need the extra income but can’t afford to quit your job? Create a website and offer online courses. You can always use a portion of the tax refund to improve your skills.

5Pet Sitting

People are willing to spend money on their pets. Most pet sitters charge as much as $100 for overnight stays.


Cafes and small restaurants are bound to do well just about anywhere. Start by offering coffee, drinks and sandwiches and then work your way up to a more sophisticated menu.

7Grocery Store

We all need food to survive. People like to stock up on certain nonperishable foods even when they do not need them immediately.

8Freelance Designing

Many organizations and companies need held designing logos for their merchandise. Start a freelance designing business and help a local company pursue its artistic goals.


Is there a subject you know enough to advise others about? Use your knowledge and launch a proper consulting business.

10Online Store

Launch your own online store. People love being able to purchase necessary items from the comfort of their homes.

Your safest bets are starting a business you are passionate about. Consider one of the ideas above or get creative on your own. After all, it depends on how much money you have been paid back by the IRS, as that would determine the kind of business you can set up.