Fiverr Success Strategies: 5 Steps to Make it Big Starting with a $5 Gig


Launched in 2010, Fiverr is a global online marketplace that allows freelancers to offer their services for at least $5 per job. Unlike formal platforms like oDesk and Elance, this service supports micro-jobs (a.k.a. gigs) ranging from designing a business card to creating coding snippets and all the way to casting spells.

Once you establish a good reputation on Fiverr by completing numerous transactions, you get to unlock advanced tools and earn more than the traditional fee.

If this sounds like a great way to earn an income, get ready to learn how.

Create and Optimize Your Fiverr Profile

Create a Fiverr profile by filling in the required fields, accepting the Terms of Service, and clicking the Join button. Once you receive the activation link via email, confirm your registration by clicking the link and start optimizing your profile using the following steps:

  1. Let People Know Who They’re Dealing With – Don’t rely on your gig descriptions, videos and images to convey who you are and what you offer. You’ll need to choose a picture that conveys the value you want to show. It should also reveal your emotions and the real you, so avoid images of objects, animals, etc. If you’re selling a fun gig, opt for a caricature of yourself to show off your fun-loving nature.
  2. Make an Impression with Your Profile Description – In the space of two tweets, provide a personal description that conveys your passions, what clients can expect, and why you’re on Fiverr. Make sure to be genuine while writing as people can sense dishonesty online.
  3. Don’t Forget the One Line Statement – Include a one-line statement on your profile page to let your potential buyers know more about you and trust you.
  4. Specify Your Details – Specify your languages, average response time, and last delivery date on your public profile page. You should also avail the ‘verification’ information since knowing that Fiverr has verified your email address and social media accounts will put clients at ease.

Decide on a Gig

After establishing a profile, determine what to sell. While you’re welcome to offer your own expertise through gigs, the following six are the highest in demand.

  1. SEO services
  2. Social media services
  3. White board animations
  4. Article writing
  5. SEO and keyword or niche research
  6. Review writing

However, one of the biggest advantages of Fiverr is that you get to do what you like and earn an income through it. For example, if you enjoy playing pranks, offer your ingenious ideas for $5 or perform the prank on your client’s behalf.

Optimize Your Gigs for Sale

Having a great profile and a super idea aren’t enough; you need to increase the visibility of your gigs by optimizing them. The following are the main steps to guaranteeing your success on Fiverr.

  1. Write a Short Gig Title – Clear, concise titles always perform better than longer ones. This can be a challenge since you only have a few words to convey what you offer. However, try a couple of variations of the title until you get this right.
  2. Write a Detailed Description – Your description will give you a chance to sell yourself and your services in 1,200 characters. You can use Fiverr’s formatting tools to enhance your description and spare future clients from asking for more details.
  3. Add Videos and Images – Seeing is believing, which is why video descriptions generate 220% more sales than regular gigs. If you can’t post a video, add hi-res descriptive pictures of your offerings.
  4. Make Use of Tags – You can add up to five tags with your gigs, so make them worthwhile by using relevant keywords. You can use tools such as Google Planner to find the best keywords for your service or niche.

Start Selling

To start selling, you’ll first need to promote your gig and complement your optimization efforts. You can use Pinterest as it works exceptionally well with Fiverr and allows you to build a following. Pin your gig a few times per day and you’ll get views at least. You should also consider asking your friends or family to buy your gig and review it for you. This will get the ball rolling, especially if you deliver within 24 hours. Just remember to prompt your clients for reviews every time to establish a good reputation on the platform.

Once your reputation is good and strong, start upselling using the following:

  1. Use Your Inbox – Fiverr’s strict messaging policy and stricter filter may cause many to shy away from using the inbox feature. However, you can generate more leads and establish rapport with your clients via your inbox. Reply to every message in a timely manner even if the offer isn’t something you can do. This will keep you on their minds when they do need your services.
  2. Cross-Sell to Other Gigs – If you’re a good writer, start a proofreading gig. Offering an additional option in the same niche allows you to snare clients for multiple projects.
  3. Make Friends on Fiverr – Network with other Fiverr sellers and steer work their way if you’re too busy or if the project proposed is out of your league. They’ll definitely reciprocate and maybe even become your clients at one point on life.
  4. Do Everything the Best Way Possible – Offer a little extra to clients to lure them in and ensure higher compensation in the future. Providing a faster turnaround will also ensure a higher compensation.

Analyze Your Gigs

Take a look at your gigs and determine which of these is doing well and which isn’t. That way, you’ll know which type to produce and which to stop altogether. You can also conduct a survey to find out about gigs which your clients would like you to introduce. Factor in negative reviews (which you should avoid) to learn from your mistakes and avoid repeating them in the future.
You can earn a steady flow of income off Fiverr with these five steps and a lot of hard work on your behalf. So don’t miss out on this lucrative chance to make money in a relatively easy way.