3 Businesses to Start Without Quitting Your Day Job

working from home

It’s tough to quit a day job – especially if you’re one of the lucky ones that gets full health benefits and more.

We’re listing 3 business you can start from home without quitting your day job. Whether it is for extra money to make ends meet, for a nice vacation, or whatever else – one or more of these ideas can be executed by just about anyone. Leave a comment below, let us know your thoughts – and we might just have to explore how to create any of these businesses on a shoe-string budget.

Arbitrage: buy low, sell high – flip everything

This might sound like child’s play, but arbitrage is an art in and of itself. For this to work, you must do your initial research.

If you wish to do this as a hobby, a yard sale or clearance section at your local supermarket might be a great fit for purchasing items. However, if you wish to have arbitrage seriously compete with your full time paycheck, get yourself familiarized with Amazon FBA, eBay marketplace and even Craigslist. See How to Make Money on Craigslist for a great start.

Dropshipping: no huge upfront cost – like a franchise

If you follow or subscribe to our e-mail list, you know we love talking about dropshipping. In short, dropshipping is the process of purchasing goods to be shipped, after your customer pays you.

Dropshipping isn’t as lucrative as it used to be, to succeed in this low-margin industry, you’ll have to find a valuable niche. With most sites offering two-day shipping or less, you’ll definitely have to find a niche with high-margins or hard to acquire items.

Design, Code or Write

We’re going to expand on designing, web development and writing – however: try doing some freelance writing, designing or coding. If you do not know how, learn. There are very cheap classes you can take for this type of endeavor.
Take a Udemy Class on WordPress Development, App Development, Writing, or Learning how to Use PhotoShop for less than $20. If you’re thinking of selling your art skills, try Fiverr. Purchase a few cheap samples to see what clients expect and go on from there.